Easy and quick establishment of an English Company

Easy and quick establishment of an English company
Easy and quick establishment of an English Company

At KGN you get a personal service. When you need to establish an English Company (Ltd, Limited), we have the opportunity to adapt the solution exactly to your needs. Our focus is to ensure the best solution for you.
KGN is an English company and Danish owned and operated and our focus is to serve our customers in Danish and ensure that our customers feel safe and secure in their choice of solution.
We offer several types of service solutions, either an agreement where we handle all aspects of the operation of your business solution or a simple solution where we establish a company and a bank account and then hand everything over to you. You decide for yourself, but let’s talk about your wishes in more detail.

Minimum capital requirement
Low corporate tax
Maintenance costs are low
English management
Virtual office
Fast company registration
Establishment of export/international department
Establishment and development company
VAT registration
Fixed prices for company registration in England

Advantages of establishing a business in England

Minimum capital requirement is often £1.00
English companies can be formed with a share capital of quite a small amount, but a share capital of £100 or less is quite common. It is not necessary to pay in the share capital prior to the establishment of the company.

Low corporate tax
The tax rate for English companies is currently 19%. There is talk of lowering corporate taxation further, but only time will tell.

Low maintenance costs
English companies are significantly cheaper to maintain than companies in most European countries. A smaller English company does not normally have an audit obligation and this also applies to any Danish branch of an English company. An English Limited company must always submit an annual account, however, a dormant account can be submitted if the company is not active for a 12-month period. Call and find out more.

English management
KGN offers our customers’ companies a director service in England. We carry out all important administrative tasks and ensure that public bodies are correctly informed.

Virtual office
As part of our service package, we offer processing of mail from the UK authorities and also offer a virtual office solution that includes handling all correspondence with customers, suppliers and partners. We can create and handle an English landline phone number with forwarding and other services. Call and find out more.

Fast company registration
Your company is usually registered within a few hours of being ordered and can therefore be active quite quickly. In addition, it gives a quick notification whether the company’s name can be approved.

Establishment of export/international department
Establishing a company in England gives direct access to a very large market and gives your company a start on an international market. For many companies, the English market is the first step towards internationalization and then other English-speaking markets can be focused on.

Establishment of a development company
With an English company, you get a great opportunity to develop new businesses and business areas and still have full deductions for all salary costs. In addition, there are lower and more competitive wages and costs of running an English company.

VAT registration
It is only necessary to register the company for VAT if the annual turnover in England is more than £85,000. KGN can help
with VAT registration.

Fixed price for setting up a business in England
KGN offers to set up an English company for a fixed price for establishing a business in England and to manage it for 12 months. The establishment includes the forwarding of mail, application for an associated bank account in England, office address and contact with an accountant and possibly legal assistance. After 12 months, the annual administration is handled by the company for a fixed price.


Establishment and registration of company (Ltd) 800800800
Registered Office, 12 months 20002000 2000
Company Secretary, 12 months 25002500 2500
Submission of Confirmation Statement, 12 months 20002000 2000
Updating of the shareholder register, etc., 12 months 200020002000
Assistance with setting up a bank account 1300013000
Assistance with UK VAT registration   7500
Compliance Fee 30003000 3000
Package discount
Each following year 7500 7500 7500