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How do I open a business in the US? What if I need a company to be remotely registered as soon as possible? We have a great offer for you. We help you register a business and open a business bank account in the US without a personal visit.

The United States is the financial and business center of the world. Banks, IT giants and the largest e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Uber were established and developed in the United States.

Flexible and stable company legislation, high consumer purchasing power and developed infrastructure are part of the local business landscape.

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Establishing a company in the United States means:

  • gain access to the US and international markets;
  • dollar transfers made easy;
  • flexibility to implement your business goals.

US business registration is available online for residents / non-residents, individuals / legal entities.

Almost any business is allowed: trading, IT, consulting, financial services (if licensed) and many more.

Who will benefit from starting a business in the US?

The most popular companies for business registration in the US are as follows:

  • IT: services, software, applications;
  • Fintech: payment and investment solutions;
  • E-commerce on Amazon: from T-shirts to electronics;
  • Services to businesses and individuals in the United States and worldwide: outsourcing, consulting;
  • Startups;
  • Investment raise;
  • IPO.

Company registration in the US makes sense if you plan to work with US companies, as US companies prefer local companies.

Setting up a company in the US will also make sense if you have the following goals:

  • Residence after investment: E2 and EB5 investor visas;
  • Tax / estate / inheritance planning;
  • Investing in the US and abroad.


about which jurisdiction is best for your business, preferred tax system, corporate structure.

What is the most favorable state for establishing a business?

Business people are interested in numbers. It is desirable that taxes are lower and revenues higher.

There are 50 states in the United States. Each of them is actually a kind of separate country with its own rules for taxes, registration and reporting.

Choosing the most convenient mode depends on your business type, the market, the legal form of your business in the United States, the income in the country.

For example, zero state corporate income tax is offered by the following states:

  • Nevada;
  • Delaware;
  • Wyoming;
  • Washington;
  • Texas;
  • South Dakota;

In addition to state taxes, US corporations may be subject to a federal tax. America’s tax system is three-tiered, including federal, state, and specific county/city.

Each state in the United States also offers separate exemptions, incentives, limitations.

Remember that the costs of maintaining a business vary widely – depending on whether you provide a real presence, open an office and hire staff.

The cost of incorporating and maintaining a business in the US also depends on whether a license is required.

To assess which state will be the best for you, do not hesitate to consult our experts before creating a company.

How do I set up a company in the US?

Everyone, both residents and non-residents (aliens who do not meet either the Green Card or the Substantial Presence Test), needs a registered agent to incorporate a business in the United States. The agent is an official representative who provides an address for receiving legal mail.

The business owner in the United States can be individuals, legal entities, or a combination of both. It doesn’t matter where in the world they are based, as long as they are not subject to US sanctions.

It is possible to register a company in the USA remotely – without having to travel.

Legal forms of business in the United States

Here are the most common legal forms in the United States:

  • Partnership;
  • LLC (limited liability company);
  • Corporation
  • Most often, non-residents choose either an LLC or a Corporation (Corp)
Company sizeSmall/mediumGreat for raising investments
Issuance of sharesNoneDifferent types of shares possible: common, privileged, registered
TaxationNo corporate tax, counts as the owners’ personal income (can also choose corporate taxation)Corporation tax + dividend tax
IPONo LLC can be publicC Corp can be public

Corporate taxes in the United States

The US tax system has three levels:

  • Federal taxes: flat rate of 21% (it used to be a progressive scale up to 35%);
  • State taxes: 0 to 12%;
  • Local taxes: they are often very low or non-existent, but it depends on the location of the business.

The federal tax amount is calculated after the state tax is paid, so the effective rate is not equal to the federal rate added to the state rate.

The US corporate tax system is complicated and confusing, especially for those who operate their business in more than one state. It will be necessary to involve an expert to comply with the laws. However, there is always the possibility of flexibility and saving money.

Important note: If you plan to work in the US market, consider the sales tax, which varies by state.

The company’s annual reporting in the USA

Every US business should apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Although not mandatory, this will be essential if the customer wishes to open bank accounts or do business in the United States.

The deadline for reporting depends on the company’s legal business from. It is also influenced by the laws of the state where the company is registered.

Sometimes it is necessary to file a return even if you do not have to pay tax.

It is highly recommended to take professional advice rather than trying to navigate the US tax system yourself. The good news is that the US is generally friendly to foreign investors and the cost of tax preparation is relatively low.

Bank account for a company in the United States

Banks in the United States are some of the largest in the world. However, foreigners often have to visit the bank in person to open a bank account.

We are pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to open a US business bank account remotely, without a personal visit. Register your business in the US and create an account with us.

There are a number of banks we work with and our experts will match your requirements and business profile to the one that best suits your needs. For example, some banks are better for international transactions, others are better for domestic transactions. Some banks are ideal for e-commerce businesses, whereas if your main goal is to invest your wealth in the stock market, we would recommend banks that specialize in that. And sometimes the banks simply get busy and there can be delays in opening an account. In that case, our experts will be aware of the situation and offer a suitable alternative.

For this reason, our offshore experts will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire about your banking needs, which will be analyzed by our US banking experts.

The list of documents required to register a business in the United States

  1. Information about the founders: full name, place and date of birth, residence and residential address.
  2. ID, preferably a passport and another form of ID.
  3. Proof of residence (utility bill, statement from a foreign bank, credit card statement, etc.)
  4. Legal entities must present their incorporation documents and the decision to establish a subsidiary.
  5. Company name.
  6. Business description – a short “executive summary”.

These documents must be submitted electronically. In some cases they may need to be certified or notarized, but send us good quality scans first and we will advise.

If the documents are prepared properly, it is possible to register a company within a single working day, although this is rare and a week is more realistic.

You are welcome to send your questions right now to or contact our experts via the contact form below.


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